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Your users’ time is precious.
Don’t waste your users’ time by having them read lengthy texts, like privacy policies or terms and conditions. With Keep It Simple, you can offer a short summary for the clauses very easily. Your users can grasp the outline of the text very quickly – they will appreciate it!

Accesibility: Using a screen reader makes it hard to “scan” a long text. With short summaries, you make your website more accessible.

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Capture the essence of each paragraph by explaining it in your own words: Click on the microphone button and speak about the paragraph, like you would talk to a co-worker or friend. Your explanation will be transformed into written text which you can edit afterwards.

When you use Keep It Simple for the first time, it will likely ask you for permission to use the microphone. Obviously, this is required for the speech recognition.

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Waiver. To the greatest extent permitted by, but not in contravention of, applicable law, Affirmer hereby overtly, fully, permanently, irrevocably and unconditionally waives, abandons, and surrenders all of Affirmer's Copyright and Related Rights and associated claims and causes of action, whether now known or unknown (including existing as well as future claims and causes of action), in the Work (i) in all territories worldwide, (ii) for the maximum duration provided by applicable law or treaty (including future time extensions), (iii) in any current or future medium and for any number of copies, and (iv) for any purpose whatsoever, including without limitation commercial, advertising or promotional purposes (the "Waiver"). Affirmer makes the Waiver for the benefit of each member of the public at large and to the detriment of Affirmer's heirs and successors, fully intending that such Waiver shall not be subject to revocation, rescission, cancellation, termination, or any other legal or equitable action to disrupt the quiet enjoyment of the Work by the public as contemplated by Affirmer's express Statement of Purpose.

Sample from Creative Commons 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication (CC0 1.0)

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Much of GitHub is public-facing. If your content is public-facing, third parties may access and use it in compliance with our Terms of Service, such as by viewing your profile or repositories or pulling data via our API. We do not sell that content; it is yours. However, we do allow third parties, such as research organizations or archives, to compile public-facing GitHub information. Other third parties, such as data brokers, have been known to scrape GitHub and compile data as well.

Your Personal Information, associated with your content, could be gathered by third parties in these compilations of GitHub data. If you do not want your Personal Information to appear in third parties’ compilations of GitHub data, please do not make your Personal Information publicly available and be sure to configure your email address to be private in your user profile and in your git commit settings. We currently set users' email address private by default, but legacy GitHub users may need to update their settings.

If you would like to compile GitHub data, you must comply with our Terms of Service regarding scraping and privacy, and you may only use any public-facing Personal Information you gather for the purpose for which our user has authorized it. For example, where a GitHub user has made an email address public-facing for the purpose of identification and attribution, do not use that email address for commercial advertising. We expect you to reasonably secure any Personal Information you have gathered from GitHub, and to respond promptly to complaints, removal requests, and "do not contact" requests from GitHub or GitHub users.

Sample from GitHub's privacy policy. GitHub's documents are well written and all versions are available for review. Well done!

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